What Is SQL Server Error 2533 ?

The Trouble: Are you encountering the below stated error message while working with a database table of MS SQL Server 2008?

Table error: Page P_ID allocated to object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, partition ID PN_ID, alloc unit ID A_ID (type TYPE) was not seen. Page may be invalid or have incorrect alloc unit ID in its header.

The Cause: If you see the above error message while working with your SQL 2008 database table, then understand that this error has emerged because a page that has been is allocated to A_ID allocation unit ID, is not having that allocation unit ID in its page header. The header must be rather having a totally different allocation unit ID, which must be the cause of this issue.

Get Right Solution to Fix SQL Error 2533

You can follow the below mentioned methods in order to rectify this issue:

See If There are any Hardware Issues: For examining this, you must run hardware diagnostics and see if there are any hardware related problems. Also, do check the error logs. Change hardware components if required. You can even reformat the drives and reinstall your OS.

Turn towards Backup: If hardware is not the problem, then look for an updated backup to restore database from there. You can easily perform SQL Error 2533 Recovery process.

Best Solution: If above method fails, then come in the lap for the best solution to fix SQL error 2533 and thereafter recover SQL server database. This solution is SQL Recovery software to resolve SQL error 2533.