How to Fix SQL Server with SQL Recovery Software?

  • Go to Start menu » Programs » SQL Recovery Software.
    Install SQL Recovery Tool
  • Click on Open, in order to open the MDF files.
    Click to Open MDF File
  • Select the MDF file to add and click on 'Open' button as shown in below screenshot
    Choose MDF file
  • Select the 'Scan Options' from the given option and then select the 'Scan Mode' according to intensity of corruption.
    Click Advance Scan Option
  • Select 'NDF Options'. to add secondary database files by choosing one of the given option shown in below screenshot.
    NDF File Recovery
  • After selecting secondary database file click on OK for further process or you can also Remove the selected file by clicking on 'Remove File' button.
    Choose NDF file
  • The SQL MDF Recovery Software shows the details of scanned MDF file and prompts when scanning completes.
    Scanning Process
  • Now the tool provides the option to save scanned MDF/NDF file by clicking on "Yes" otherwise "No"
    Save Repaired File on Local Machine
  • The .str file can be created, while saving scanned MDF file in your desired location.
    Select Location for .str file
  • The MDF recovery tool provides a Preview of recovered database of MDF and NDF files including details of tables, views, stored procedures, etc.
    Preview of MDF/NDF File Data
  • click on Export to Export this recovered items.
    Export Repaired File
  • Now you can Export the recovered data directly in live SQL Server database or SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. For first option you will have to provide necessary credentials of SQL Server.
    Note: Username and Password is not necessary when you are using Windows Server Authentication and not using SQL Server Authentication.
    Export MDF file on SQL Server
  • If you choose the SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts option SQL files will be created which can be later restored.
    Select the desired items by checking them according to your need and only these items will be exported.
    Select Items to Export
  • In the bottom-right panel of the tool, select one of the given option :
    1. Export Only Schema of selected tables/views/procedures.
    2. Export Schema with Data of tables.

    Now, click on Export/Save tab to Export/Save the recovered data.
    Export Data with Schema or Without Schema

  • Browse for the location path to save to the selected recovered items of SQL MDF files and click OK.
    Provide Location
  • After complition of Export and Recovery Process the Software will itself prompt you a message. Click OK.
    Software Has Done SQL Recovery Task