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  • Support all SQL Server including 2014, 2008, 2005 and 2000
  • Resolve all the SQL Server Database issues
  • Easily Repair large MDF files
  • Recover all items like tables, views, triggers and so on
  • Capability to recover deleted records

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SQL Repair

Fix SQL Server MDF File with Advanced Recovery Tool

High-performance of a database system depends on the design of database. SQL Server is a RDBMS. It is designed by Microsoft for enterprise environments as it performs different functions including transaction management, row processing, exception and error handling and many more. RDBMS means relational database management system. SQL Server works on T-SQL which means (Transact -SQL); it is a set of programming extensions from Sybase. The database engine of SQL Server uses two different files one is data file and another is log file.

Data files: These files consist of internal data used by engine. They also consists user-defined data. Every database engine has a default data file, and user can add more data files for storage purpose or organizational reasons.

Log files: These files stores the modification made to data, these files are used mostly in the process of committing and rolling back changes in the database.

Recover Corrupt SQL Database – SQL Server Database Recovery tool

MDF file is the database file of SQL server. MDF means master database file. It contains all the records of master database. This file is a backup copy of tables, procedures and many more. It also records the start up information of SQL Server. Therefore, SQL Server does not start when master database is unavailable or corrupted. MDF file gets corrupted due to many reasons. Some of reasons behind the corruption and damage of MDF file are as following:

  • Due to addition in files or file groups.
  • Due to change in collation, the default collation is the server collation.
  • Creation of triggers on the system tables in database.
  • Creation of full-text catalog or full-text index.
  • Database duplication.
  • Removal of primary file group, primary data file, or log file.
  • Renaming the database or primary file group.

Features Of SQL Recovery Software

Recover all SQL Components

The software recovers views, stored procedure, tables, triggers rules overall objects of the SQL Server database without any loss and damage.

Quick and Advance Scan

Tool offers two scanning options. Quick scan option for normal database corruption and Advance scan option for highly corrupted database files.

Recover & preview MDF and NDF file

With the help of this Software you can recover both MDF and NDF files. The software will scan both these files and preview all the components in it.

Recover Deleted Data

You can easily perform SQL Recovery to recover SQL table's data quickly and effectively which is deleted either accidently or unknowingly by mistake.

Export in all SQL database

The software helps users to recover corrupt or damaged MDF database from all SQL Server and also export into all SQL Server Database versions.

Support XML data type

Latest version of this tool is well capable to recover the XML data type and user defined schema and gives 100% result according to user expectations.

Download Freeware Version of SQL Recovery Tool

The Try-out edition is a free software showcase. The try-out edition of the software allows you to preview the recovered items like tables, stored procedures, views, triggers and many more and it also shows the recovery process but, this free software showcase doesn't allow you save the recovered items after SQL Recovery.

If you want to save the recovered items after SQL Recovery then, you can purchase the fully operative version. You can fix SQL Server consistency error as well as other errors with fully operative version. This version is compatible with all the editions of Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012) and it can easily perform SQL Recovery from all critical situations related to corruption and damage of SQL database.

Free Download

SQL Recovery software performs all the possible functions for SQL database recovery but, if in any case you face any problem regarding activation key, corruption situation, size confusion or any other problem then, you can contact our customer support department (24x7) for the solution of your problem.

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