Up to Snuff Tool to Fix SQL Server LOG Files Adeptly

  • Are you receiving error message: "Unable to open the physical file "C:Program-files\MSSQL\Data\Database-Name_Data1.mdf". Operating system error 5: "5(Access is denied.)". (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)" when you try to open MDF file?
  • Do you want to fix this error message with a professional tool that caters powerful SQL Server database recovery option, giving promise to Fix SQL Server LOG Files?

Before getting to the Solution, let us know the reason behind the error message. The above mentioned error message generally occur as a result of no access permissions over file directories. For security reasons, the administrator of the database does not allow you to access the file directories.

Solution That you need, Solution That We Have!

To fix SQL Server LOG files, one needs to have expertise knowledge as a minute mistake can ruin database leading to data loss situation. Our SQL Recovery software is a proficient solution to repair corrupt SQL log database, providing users a trouble-free mode to recover SQL objects like index, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures etc.

Key Features: Repair SQL MDF File Tool

  • The recovered SQL Server database can be saved in Comma Separated Value file format
  • Windows Authentication Server option permits saving of recovered SQL database as Filename_recovered
  • This updated software version helps in column identity recovery once the MDF files are loaded with the tool
  • This software to fix SQL Server LOG files helps in recovery of BLOB database that is the database in binary form

SQL Log Repair Free Download: Experience Finest SQL Recovery

If you want to repair corrupt MDF file free of cost, then download free demo version of this tool and know How to Fix SQL Server LOG files that will allow you to recover and have a preview of MDF file repair process without investment of a penny.


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